Apeiron’s Christian Angermayer: “AI, psychedelics and living for hundreds of years”

The Sunday Times' tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Christian Angermayer, founder of Apeiron Investments, to talk about psychedelics in Oregon (4:15), the spiritual experience of a “trip” (11:30), progressing toward the first FDA approval (15:30), how this will be introduced into the market (21:10), why having a qualified guide/therapist is critical (25:30), gaining societal acceptance (30:20), why he funded the longevity XPrize (34:20), the new approach to ageing (41:00), why we are on the cusp of a breakthrough in life span (42:30), the Ozempic effect (49:00, thriving in a toxic society (56:20), and how AI dovetails with psychedelics and longevity (1:01:50).

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