Celsius’ Alex Mashinsky: “This is a fight for all the money in the world”

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Alex Mashinsky, founder of Celsius, to talk about creating a crypto fund manager (3:25), managing risk (8:40), growing up in Israel (11:50), buying a one-way ticket to New York (14:10), his first startup (16:10), launching a voice-over-IP company (22:50), getting kicked out of his own company (27:50), trying to build Uber before Uber (30:10), putting wifi in the New York subway (34:10), getting into crypto (37:10), getting rejected by 200 venture capitalists (42:15), going from zero to $24 billion in assets under management (44:00), “centralised finance” (48:35), why he put $300 million of his own cash into Celsius (50:25), the future of crypto (55:05), and Web 3 and the fight for the future of money (1:02:40).

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