Cade Metz: “The human didn’t have a chance”

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on Cade Metz, New York Times tech journalist and author of Genius Makers, to talk about the rise of artificial intelligence (3:00), the most important auction in tech (4:35), Europe’s AI crackdown (7:40), Geoff Hinton and neural networks (10:00), how AI starts to spread (13:00), Deepmind’s Demis Hassabis (18:20), why he turned down Facebook’s takeover bid (21:00), Project Maven (23:20), the AI “arms race” with China (25:25), whether artificial general intelligence is possible (29:20), the AlphaGo moment (33:00), Move 37 (38:10), what AI disrupts next (42:00), bias (45:05), the robot arm room (51:30), and the Rubik’s cube solution (56:15)

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