Ethereum’s Joe Lubin: “Building a crypto-Google”

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on billionaire entrepreneur Joe Lubin, co-founder of cryptocurrency ethereum, to talk about his pre-crypto career (4:05), producing reggae in Jamaica (5:00), meeting Vitalik Buterin (6:00), getting ethereum off the ground from an Airbnb in Miami (6:50), setting up HQ in Switzerland (8:55), the coming regulation on cryptocurrencies (11:10), why he’s a believer (13:25), spawning dozens of ethereum-based businesses (15:25), the dawn of the new Internet (19:05), hiring Silicon Valley refugees (20:30), paying workers in cryptocurrencies (21:05), setting up a “cryptopia” (22:55), the debate over Ethereum as a non-profit (23:40), bring the “legacy” economy titans into the fold (26:05), and how much ether he still holds (29:10).

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