Beacon's Fraser Robinson: "The more swear words people use to describe a problem, the bigger the opportunity"

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Fraser Robinson, founder of Beacon, to talk about solving supply chains (2:45), the problem (5:10), his first startup (11:15), becoming the “adult in the room” (18:30), the early days at (19:50), starting another business in 2010 (22:30), getting recruited to Uber (24:45), running Uber in Europe (27:10), how to move fast and not break things (30:00), on whether Uber can survive (32:00), the mistakes in London (36:20), doing the big deal with Saudi Arabia (38:30), leaving in 2018 (42:10), getting sued (45:20), and being left on the tarmac by an oligarch (46:50).

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