PlateJoy’s Christina Bognet: “Healthy-eating algorithms”

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Christina Bognet, founder for PlateJoy, to talk about changing how people eat (3:10), combating diabetes virtually (5:35), weighing in online (11:05), going to MIT (13:40), gaining and losing 50 lbs (14:55), getting inspiration from Stripe’s Patrick Collison (18:15), nabbing investment from her first pitch (19:15), getting into Y Combinator (20:15), the importance of education (22:30), why she doesn’t use the “D” word (27:00), the rise of preventative medicine (28:00), food photographers (33:00), why fasting may not be a terrible idea (34:05), and making this available to the poor (39:45)

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