TheBoardlist's Sukhinder Singh Cassidy: "Women are the new unicorns"

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on Suhkinder Singh Cassidy, founder of theBoardlist, to talk about the lack of women in tech (3:00), why that’s a problem (4:05), how scandal has created urgency (6:40), working at Amazon pre-bubble (9:45), losing 95% of her fortune (11:30), launching a fintech startup in 2003 (13:10), helping start Google Maps (13:45), starting a rival to Home Shopping Network (15:05), and then theBoardlist (16:30), the lack of demand for female board members (18:20), the problem with the obsession with growth (19:55), why senior women are unicorns (21:35), the venture capital boys club (22:40), her experience with sexism (24:20), the reaction to #metoo (28:50), what works in startups (31:40), why ‘product market fit’ is the key (34:20), why she spends so much time on hiring (34:15), and why living a balanced life is not possible (35:00).

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