What3words' Chris Sheldrick: "Driver, take me to 'Table Chair Spoon'"

The Sunday Times’ Danny Fortson brings on Chris Sheldrick, founder of what3words, to talk about the problem with addresses (4:25), why we need a new system (5:10), the challenge of convincing people to leave old way behind (7:15), who is using what3words today (8:55), competing with GPS (11:10), the “killer app” he is looking for (12:45), how wheeled suitcases are like addresses (14:05), starting out as a musician (17:10), how a sleep-walking accident changed his life (19:00), how he settled on three words (20:20), pitching the idea to investors (22:15), how he plans to not be another good idea that dies on the vine (24:20), raising $50m and creating a business model (26:35), taking on “Big Address” (28:45), starting the company with a dictionary (32:25), and choosing languages (34:25).

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