DoNotPay's Josh Browder: "Your very own robot lawyer”

The Sunday Times tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Josh Browder, the 22-year-old founder of robot lawyer Donotpay, to talk about the end of the legal profession as we know it (2:25), getting 10,000 Uber refunds (4:35), how parking tickets led to him starting a company (6:10), and getting $15m in parking tickets overturned (8:55), expanding his bot's capabilities (11:50), his deep disdain for lawyers (13:15), his family’s rebel history (14:15), eliminating the need for lawyers (17:25), the inevitability of automation (20:35), the weaknesses of artificial intelligence (22:10), targeting vested interests (25:00), his new privacy bot in Europe (26:50), creating a business around a free core service (27:45), the most endangered white-collar jobs (30:55), the ethics of AI (31:55), the tech backlash (34:00), and the possibility of generalised AI (36:55),

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