Tanium’s Orion Hindawi: “This is a snake-oil industry”

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on Orion Hindawi, cyber-security billionaire and founder of Tanium, to talk about how the world is waking up to the security problem (1:50), how criminals make more from hacking than from drugs (3:50), rogue states like North Korea using hacking as an income generator (5:15), hacks becoming unavoidable events like earthquakes and fires (7:20), the origins of the Tanium name (8:15), starting his first company at age 17 (9:25), leaving and beginning again (11:10), why most companies don’t know how many computers they own (13:00), the great anti-virus scam (14:55), secret breaches (17:00), on whether Tanium has a toxic culture and “Orion’s list” (19:20), Silicon Valley’s terrible culture (21:40), the niche security market for the super-rich (24:30), the industry’s “boy who cried wolf” problem (26:30), and the cryptocurrency fallacy (29:00).

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