NYU's Scott Galloway: "Being an innovator doesn't make you Jesus"

The Sunday Times' tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Scott Galloway of NYU's Stern School of Business and author of The Four, to talk about how the big Internet companies Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are like Darth Vader (2:10), Amazon's astoundingly low tax bill (5:45), its Jedi mind tricks (7:30), moving to a 'zero-click' model (9:30), the need to revisit antitrust laws (12:30), why Europe is going to lead the charge against Big Tech (14:30), how Google stockpiles geniuses (16:00), why Facebook is the most vulnerable (18:00), why the best thing it can do is overreact (21:45), Apple's historic ability to make money (22:45), how tech has replaced religion (24:30), its extraordinary concentration of power and wealth (27:00), what happens when Google gets hacked (30:30), Facebook's existential crisis (31:45), how the giants kill upstarts (33:15), and the coming war on Big Tech (37:00). 

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