Beyond Meat's Ethan Brown: "Burger 2.0"

The Sunday Times’s tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Ethan Brown, founder of Beyond Meat, on why he got into “clean meat” (4:15), treating the problem like climate change (6:00), the four building blocks of meat (8:15), the problems he is trying to solve (9:15), growing up around a farm (13:00), his first career in green energy (15:00), starting in 2009 with "chicken wood chips" from Taiwan (17:30), why smell matters (18:45), the centrality of meat in life (21:30), recreating the cow through plants (23:45), attracting Kleiner Perkins, Bill Gates and other investors (25:15), going into battle over the word “meat” (29:15), how scientific progress has made “clean meat” possible (33:00), coming to Europe (35:15), why it costs more (36:55), whether we are at “peak cow” (40:10), his worst day of work (42:15), why he invited “Big Meat” into the company (44:00), and the taste test (45:25).

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