Naveen Jain: "Moon babies and optional illness"

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on tech tycoon Naveen Jain to talk about solving bigproblems (2:30), turning the moon into the “eighth continent” with his company Moon Express (6:25), getting approval for interplanetary travel (8:10), the new space race and moon (10:15), modifying humans to live in space (12:30), why we should bother (15:00), spending $50m to get to a moon launch (17:00), how outer space is like the Internet (18:30), the first baby born on the moon (21:50), making illness “optional” (22:45), the universe of universes in our guts (24:45), faecal matter transplants (27:15), poop by post (29:00), how spinach is toxic for many people (31:10), how chronic disease is a subscription business (33:00), growing up poor (37:30), food as personalised medicine (39:50), why we need to relax before we eat (42:20), starting out as an intern on $3 per hour (44:20), why expertise is useless (45:45), what lesson you can learn from X-Prize (47:15), the death of scarcity (48:30), and how individuals are solving problems once left to nation-states (50:30).


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