Mick Batyske: "DJing is like angel investing"

The Sunday Times tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Mick Batyske, to talk about becoming Big Tech’s chosen DJ (4:30), paying his way through grad school (5:30), moving to New York (8:05), bidding goodbye to “Mick Boogie” (9:10) rebranding (11:10), DJing Andreessen Horowitz’s annual barbecue (14:30), the intersection of technology and culture (17:00), doing parties for Lebron James and Jay Z (20:10), breaking into tech (24:05), growing a Silicon Valley network (25:30), becoming an investor (29:30), playing to techie crowds (33:00) the marriage of culture and tech (36:30) delving into e-sports (38:10) how music consumption has changed (39:50), and how deejaying taught him how to “pivot” (41:10).

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