Color Genomics’ Othman Laraki: “A crystal ball for cancer”

The Sunday Times tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Othman Laraki, founder of Color Genomics, to talk about taking genomics to masses by reducing the cost by an order of magnitude (4:45), the importance of genetic counselling (6:45), the ‘value for money’ equation (12:35), how data is treated (14:55), starting the company after leaving Twitter (20:35), the slow evolution of genomics’ role in consumer health (23:00), how these tests may be abused by insurers (25:50), raising $150m (28:45), the coming healthcare revolution (31:15), and choosing treatable diseases (34:20). PLUS: Ellen Matloff, a genetic counselor and founder of My Gene Counsel, to talk about whether ignorance is bliss (36:40), the danger of misdiagnosis (38:25), why consumer genetics is here to stay (41:20), and why your genetic data may already be in a company’s hands (43:00).

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