Pioneer's Daniel Gross: “Everything big starts small”

The Sunday Times’s tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Daniel Gross, founder of Pioneer, to talk about growing up as an Orthodox Jew in Jerusalem (2:40), applying to Y Combinator (3:40), escaping Army duty (5:40), having his first startup crash right before Demo Day (7:10), building a new product in 48 hours (8:55), selling to Apple (10:20), finding the next generation of geniuses (11:15), creating a “digital Ivy League” (13:10), using a leaderboard (14:55), how he gets the word out (16:25), the gamification of finding genius (20:00), why money is not the most important factor (23:10), how to win the Pioneer game (23:55), the importance of accountability (27:30), why he brings people to Silicon Valley (29:00), addressing the tech industry’s “sameness” problem (31:50), using video game mechanics to aid productivity (38:40), fighting the dumbing down of tech (42:40), and the intimidating “bigness” of big ideas (45:40).

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