HVMN's Geoff Woo and Brianna Stubbs: "Metabolic Dominance"

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Geoff Woo and Dr Brianna Stubbs of HVMN, developer of a synthetic ketone drink to “optimise humans,” to talk about Woo's his early days tinkering “nootropics” (3:30), experimenting on himself (7:10), tapping the biobacker community (10:00), getting investment from Silicon Valley A-listers (11:30), the Pentagon’s super-solder programme “Metabolic Dominance” (14:30), ketones and ketogenic diets (15:55), turning ketone ester into a product (22:15), how fasting led to the creation of the company (24:20), how Brianna Stubbs’ became the youngest person to row the English Channel (28:20), trying the first ketone “space milkshake” (30:30), the early days when ketones costs thousands of pounds per drink (33:10), meeting Woo (34:50), who is using it today (38:45), raising $7m from sports and tech investors (40:30), and my totally unscientific ketone test (42:30).

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