Trulia founder Pete Flint: “Either the world was ending, or we had an opportunity”

The Sunday Times tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Pete Flint, founder of Trulia and partner at NFX, to talk about his plans to remake the venture capital industry (3:15), growing up in Essex (6:00), his brief investment banking experiment (8:00), helping get off the ground (9:45), surviving the dotcom bubble (11:00), decamping for California (12:45), starting Trulia (13:45), getting his first investors (16:05), being hit by the financial crisis (19:10), the famous ‘RIP Good Times’ memo (20:35), making the most out of a crisis (22:15), desperation cold-calling (24:40), floating in New York (25:45), selling his business for $3.5bn (27:15), celebrating a $150m payday (30:30), becoming an angel investor (32:00), being pitched a cyborg startup (33:45), starting at NFX (35:40), how the UK is catching up to Silicon Valley (36:30) why he will be staying in California (38:40), and his worst day of work (40:00).

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