SENS Foundation’s Aubrey de Grey: “You may live for a million years”

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Aubrey de Grey, founder of the Sens Research Foundation, to talk the possibility of turning humans into a "multi-century species" (1:40), why rejuvenation is the key (4:40), aiming for “longevity escape velocity” (6:00), what’s wrong with the current approach to ageing, tackling the seven types of ageing damage (10:20), why the Google guys are wasting their money (11:30), getting funding from Peter Thiel and Vitalik Buterin (13:35), why cryptocurrency millionaires are enthused by living forever (15:25), why eternal life is the next step in evolution (18:45), what rejuvenation looks like (23:25), why he has no time for dystopic predictions (27:00), the coming war on ageing (31:20), how he ended up in Silicon Valley (35:45), why ageing doesn’t get much funding (38:20), and treating the human body like a car (39:30).

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