Lambda School's Austen Allred: "Go to university - if you can pay for it in cash"

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on Austen Allred, founder of Lambda School, to talk about how he moved to Silicon Valley and lived in his car (2:50), getting his first job (5:05), his first failed startup (6:05), trying to kill payday loans (9:05), landing on his current startup idea of offering free university in exchange for a cut of students’ income (9:50), the education problem (11:50), going to Y Combinator (113:50), expanding the model into other industries (15:00), soaring university costs (17:35), the reasons behind it (21:30), why education has been overlooked as a target for disruption (23:00), the cultural role of university (24:25), how he chooses students (27:45), how universities have responded (29:35), raising venture capital (31:10), the importance of Twitter as a marketing tool (31:40), betting all of his money on Tesla (34:40), finding professors for his school (38:05), and his plans to offer free room and board as well (39:35).

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