The Adoption of Cobots

By James McKew

The retail landscape has transformed dramatically from the continuous digitalisation of the industry, exacerbated by the onslaught of the pandemic. Consumers in the Asia Pacific are now increasingly connected digitally with a shift in their buying habits, and are now more at ease clicking on smartphones to purchase all manners of products, than to visit offline shops and malls.

Statista reported more than a 20 percent rise of the average online spending in the Asia Pacific from 2019 to 2020. The rise in multiple marketplaces in Asia Pacific such as JD, Taobao, Lazada, Tokopedia and Shopee are testimony to this flourishing trend in retail and e-commerce.

With the evolution of retail emerged new opportunities in related industries, such as a growing pie of warehouses, distribution centres (DCs), and fulfilment centres (FCs), and in turn, these industries seeking productivity and automation capabilities.

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