EP 56: Lina Patel, Mary O’Keeffe of Greaterthan​

By June Ramli 


Explained: Role of Business Coaches 


Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with DailyStraits.com. Today we have not one but two special guests sitting in with us from business coaching firm Greaterthan​.

Greaterthan is a business coaching firm based in Bristol, UK with offices around the world including Australia and New Zealand. 

Reps from both sides of the Tasman sat down with DailyStraits.com recently to give us a better understanding of the organisation and how they can help your business thrive through their involvement. 

Lina Patel of Melbourne, Australia and Wellington-based Mary O'Keeffe of Greaterthan are both business coaches from the organisation and they sat down recently for an in depth interview explaining to us about the benefits of engaging a business coach for your organisation. 

Both ladies gave us a better understanding on what companies can expect including the costs when engaging the services from their firm.

Without further ado, let’s watch and listen to the interview here: 


In this podcast we discuss:


  • What is the scarcity mindset?
  • Why is it important to do away with such a mindset?
  • Why organisations should hire business coaches and more 



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