DIY Tips For An Endemic

By Prof Dr James Koh Kwee Choy

Judging from the reported number of COVID-19 positive cases in Malaysia and around the world, the task to bring infections down to zero is near impossible.

In all honesty, we are all battle-weary since the pandemic started 18 months ago.

COVID-19 may never go away.

But we can live with it, turning this pandemic into something less threatening.

Perhaps this could be the way forward given the impressive vaccination rate in Malaysia, which is key in reducing the risk of infection as well as transmission.

Social responsibility such as practising good hygiene and being considerate to one another such as staying away from crowds when unwell is critical as well.

Another aspect is also to minimise the spread of the transmission if you’ve come in contact with someone positive.

To do this, self-testing and home isolation are two important strategies. Today, people can get themselves tested readily by using fast and easy tests. If positive, they can then confirm it with a more accurate testing method and isolate themselves to recover at home, stopping the spread there and then. Even if you test negative, it is best to remain in home isolation for at least 10 days. Recovery at home is possible because, with vaccination, the symptoms are mostly mild. This will at least give our healthcare system some breathing space so the more serious cases can get the medical attention they need. Read the full article at

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