WHAT Is Life Like For Dr. Ana In Romania?

The 2nd Episode of my side series of the Daddy Unscripted podcast: We're Here Alone Together (W.H.A.T.) features my longtime friend Ana who is a doctor in Bucharest, Romania. 

When I started this side project of my podcast, I immediately thought of Ana and a conversation I had with her a little over a month ago about how things got out of control quickly with the spread of the Corona Virus. 

The stories she told were both fascinating and immensely troubling. Ana talked about a large number of Romanian citizens who were lying about their travels after returning to the country from Italy (where the virus had begun its massive rampage of the country). 

I'm not pulling in a fact-checker here, because I am not a news source. So, let's just be clear on that. But some of what she told me is just so sensational. A Senator who was infected that refused to go into quarantine who continued to speak in public and meet with people. A policeman who was infected that, amongst other things, went to a club with 200 or more people in attendance. These people who lied about their travels from Italy. One of them was because he had been in Italy with his mistress and didn't want to get caught in the lie by his wife.

I've known Ana for close to 15 years now and when we started talking about how Romania was getting affected by Covid-19 when everything started happening, I became instantly concerned for her well-being. I, honestly and a bit selfishly was relieved when I learned that she wasn't being moved into any front line work at the hospital with Covid patients. 

However, as you hear in her own words, the changes put into place as to what Ana's job would now entail may have kept her slightly safer, but it also crushed her morale a bit: keeping her from doing what she has spent so much of her life working toward: helping others. Essentially, this has all left Ana feeling very useless. And hearing Ana verbalize that made me incredibly sad. 

We spent some time talking about how people all over are dealing with this same feeling of uselessness. The reality that this exists all over is important to recognize.

As I say in each episode: for anyone who may need help during any difficult times: the National Suicide Prevention hotline: (800) 273-8255. Also, I have a Google Voice Number for ANY of you to use: (872) 444-6784. Leave me a message there and I will get in touch with you... or you can even just use that as a safe place to vent or whatever it may be. 

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