Never Too Late To Live

Episode 100 of the podcast is here! Appropriately so, it's me talking about some corners I have turned in my life recently and my hope to inspire YOU to be able to do the same. This may need to be categorized as a TimTalk (is that a thing? Can I ™ that, or WHAT?!). 

Quickly, I didn't acknowledge one time that this is my 100th episode. Shame on me for that. I will properly cheer on the next episode as we work on the second set of 100 episodes, eh?

As a human who happened to have been born as a white male in Southern California, I'm now pretty aware and cognizant of a lot of the 'things' that have been afforded to me. Privileges I've had. Which also entails my becoming more aware of the way I have taken any of these for granted, and/or looked the proverbial gift horse in the mouth at times. 

There are two major life changes that have occurred for me within the past few months. I dissect both of these fully in this episode. The first is my very cyclical and unpredictable return to one of the original passions of my life: writing. I wrote a book (that never went anywhere at all) when I was 12, almost 13. I spent an entire summer away from the beach and friends, holed up in my bedroom with a typewriter and very truly wrote a 200 - 300 page adventure book. I wish I could even remember the name of my main character, ala Indiana Jones. 

Over the next 6 years of my life, my writing would include song lyrics, poetry, short stories, a couple of novellas and two additional novels. I never made any attempts at publishing any of this... so don't get too excited.

Around the age of 20 or so, I would turn my stylings toward the world of screenplays for film. I wrote (and did numerous re-writes) two full-length features that went as far as getting registered with the Writers Guild of America (WGA). There's more to both of those stories, but we shall leave it there. 

Cut to: a few months ago, after having not really done any creative writing for 20 or so years, I got hired as the writer for a show that airs on Twitch twice weekly: CelebriTee Showdown, a golf competition show between 2 celebrities airing on the Twitch Sports channel.

This is major. I mean, in the scheme of the writing world, it may not be. I'm not writing for 'Atlanta' or 'This Is Us'. But this is so wildly unforeseen and such a fantastic new step for something previously extremely dormant, dare I say pretty much dead, in my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity and extremely hopeful for what may be next in this part of my life's journey.

Never Too Late To Live.

If you have something in your past that brought you joy, that brought you fulfillment... what is holding you back from tapping back into that? Especially if it brings good-ness to your heart, your spirit, your life? I encourage you to try and find the time and the ability to re-connect with whatever that may be for you; even if it is only time to read!  

The second thing I talk about is a big life change for my physical health. I have talked many times before about my place on the spectrum of autism. One of the really big challenges for me, from that, has always been food-related. From the time I was just a baby, though nobody knew what the reasoning was behind my needs (and my hatreds). A lot of that has always been heavily rooted in textures. 

Have you seen my Instragam specifically about my attempts to tackle this? Go check out @TimAteThat 

Not ironically, I was always a total string-bean as a kid. Even throughout and a little beyond high school. My very high level of activity paired with a pretty fantastic metabolism partnered to keep me around 115-125 lbs through my teen years. It continued in my 20s. I could (and would very often) eat at fast food joints and get multiple burgers or multiple burritos, what have you. Some of my friends were pretty fascinated by...

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