What Happens When an Anti-Sex Trafficking Operation Goes Wrong

When “Alison” started working for Operation Underground Railroad, she wanted to make a difference in the lives of kids. She was a former Marine and social worker who’d seen the devastating effects that abuse could have on people. She wanted to stop it before it happened.

She ended up with a broken orbital bone, bleeding and vomiting in a gym after a training exercise gone wrong. This week on Cyber, Anna Merlan and Tim Marchman walk us through their latest reporting on Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad.

Stories discussed in this episode

A Private Island, Downloads From God, and the 'Couples Ruse': Inside the Dangerous World of Tim Ballard's Operation Underground Railroad

Five of Tim Ballard’s Alleged Victims Have Filed a Lawsuit Against Him

Women Accuse Tim Ballard of ‘Spiritual Manipulation, Grooming, and Sexual Misconduct’

A Century-Old, Debunked Theory Is Fueling the TikTok Moral Panic

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