There’s a Housing Boom in a California Town that Burned Down 4 Years Ago

In 2018, the Camp Fire swept through California. It was the deadliest in the state’s history, destroying more than 18,000 buildings and killing 85 people. The town of Paradise all but burned to the ground at the time. Four years later, Paradise is in the midst of a housing boom. New homes are everywhere as people, some of them who lost their homes in the Camp Fire, return to the region.

There’s no guarantee that another fire won’t sweep through the region. So why are people flocking to the area?

On today’s episode of Cyber, Motherboard Staff Writer Aaron Gordon sits down to talk about what’s going on in Paradise.. Gordon is newly back from California where he chased some dogs through some forests and talked to a few of the town’s residents.

Stories discussed in this episode:

Paradise Burned to the Ground. Now It’s Another Hot Housing Market

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