America’s Freight Train Drivers Are Exhausted and Overworked

Trains, trains, trains. You might not think of them very often but they make America run. Getting stuff from point A to Point B is more than a full time job. Our world runs on logistical supply chains that are supported, in large part, by freight trains.

But what happens if the people doing those jobs don’t get much sleep? What happens when the company running the trains implements systems that deprive its already weary workforce of much needed Zs?


This week on Cyber, Motherboard Senior Staff Writer Aaron Gordon is here to answer all those questions. 

Stories discussed in this episode:

‘The Worst and Most Egregious Attendance Policy’ Is Pushing Railroad Workers to the Brink

Amtrak Is Streaming an Empty Railroad on Twitch to Beef With Freight Rail Companies

‘What Choice Do I Have?’ Freight Train Conductors Are Forced to Work Tired, Sick, and Stressed

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