Adam Conover On the Hollywood Strike

It’s a brutally hot summer, a great time to cool off in an air conditioned movie theater or to catch up on some of those TV shows you’ve had on your list forever. But did you know the people who make the fine entertainment you know and love are on strike? Both writers and actors are picketing, trying to get a fair shake out of the studios and companies that bet big on streaming and used the shift to screw over the workers who keep us all entertained.

With us today to talk about it is standup comedian and consummate host and presenter Adam Conover. If you’ve been following the strike at all you’ve probably seen some of his videos. If you’re a fan of great TV or podcasts, you may have seen his various TV shows or listened to his Factually! Podcast.

Stories discussed in this episode:

SAG Files Unfair Labor Practice Against Universal After It Trimmed Trees on Picket Line Without a Permit

Striking Writers Are on the Front Line of a Battle Between AI and Workers

How Long Will the Writers’ Strike Last? An Expert Explains

The Hollywood Strike Will Affect Way More Than Movies and TV

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