#132 The Layers of Conditioning with Pieter Elsen

Pieter Elsen Ph.D. CHt is currently one of the most prominent Life Between Lives regression hypnotherapist in the United States. Pieter has become well known all over the world for his successful book ‘When Souls Awaken, Real-Life accounts of Past-Life and Life-between-Lives Regressions’ found on Amazon.

In 2014 Pieter attained his Ph.D. in Metaphysical Humanistic Science with specialties in Transpersonal and Spiritual Counseling. One of Pieter’s most interesting specialties is Life between Lives Spiritual Regression, where he helps you to re-discover your true immortal Self.

Author, speaker and therapist, Pieter specializes in helping people find their true purpose in life. Pieter was a Vedic monk for over 21 years, of which 11 were spent in India. While there he studied extensively the deep and spiritual philosophy of the East. Pieter spent his time in meditation and practices with his teachers who helped him to understand the deeper meaning of life and the human condition.