#130 Turning Dreams Into Matter with Stephanie C Koehler

Stephanie C Koehler is the founder of StephCharlotte.com and helps visionary female entrepreneurs to create the impact they desire on their own true path. She is an Alchemist and Accelerator of Human Potential using rituals, Quantum Healing, coaching, and shamanic practices and is passionate about helping people find their voice, shift from fear to fierce turning obstacles into opportunities, and supporting others in breaking through blockages in order to fully embody their gifts and live their Soul’s purpose.

She offers private 1:1 mentorship and healings, online programs, and global transformational retreats. Stephanie loves to weave Quantum science with ancient wisdom traditions. One of her missions is to protect the ancestral heritage of communities around the Globe and help preserve these traditions for the benefit of future generations.

Also a co-author in the recently published book, Success Codes.