#158 Colon Hydrotherapy & Wellness from Within with Antoinette Curran

Antoinette Curran worked as a Nurse for years before finding her true calling as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner & Colon Hydrotherapy Specialist.

Life changed for Antoinette in 2010 when she began to feel unwell. She was tired All the time and experienced poor memory, brain fog and poor cognition. Even after long periods of rest, Antoinette was overcome with exhaustion and unable to retain information. One night she woke with heart palpitations and a racing heart. She attended A&E where she was put on medication to help control her symptoms.

As the medications caused some unpleasant side effects, she felt she had no choice but to discontinue them. This is how she really came to appreciate naturopathy and explore self-healing.

Antoinette felt driven to study Colonic Hydrotherapy after personally experiencing the healing and therapeutic benefits it brings to the body. Flushing out the colons old waste matter restores balance to the body and improves tone, function and peristalsis. In fact, it challenges the body to work for itself!

At her clinic in Galway, Nua Holistic, she works with clients to educate and empower them. By providing a deeply therapeutic intervention she hopes that they leave feeling informed, and in touch with their own bodies and ready for the next step!