Curiosity & Consciousness Podcast

by Karen Maloney
The intention of this podcast is to help us to open our minds, get curious about ourselves and take radical responsibility for our lives. Only through introspection and self-inquiry can we connect to our authentic truth and raise our vibration and consciousness levels. We have the power to consciously co-create our lives but we need to 'wake up' first.

We're more than just this physical, mental and emotional body. Our essence is as an energetic, divine, spiritual being that is connected to the one consciousness.

It has been my experience that when we are disconnected from our true essence, we cannot feel fully joyful, fulfilled, connected or present.

I'm your host, Karen Maloney, an INSIDE OUT Coach, Mentor & Spiritual Guide - helping women to revolutionise their internal world and feel worthy.

I'm excited for the conversations that will take place on this platform and I welcome you along on the journey!

"The way out, is to go within".
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