Curiosity & Consciousness Podcast

by Karen Maloney
The intention of this podcast is to help us to open our minds, get curious about ourselves and begin to take radical responsibility for our lives. Only by continually showing up for ourselves, can we release what no longer serves us and raise our vibration and consciousness levels. We have the power to consciously create our lives but we need to 'wake up' to this fact before we can begin the process.
Believe it or not, life is always happening for us. Everything serves a purpose but only by bringing a new level of awareness or perspective, can the insights and truths be revealed to us.
We're more than just this physical, mental and emotional body. Our essence is as an energetic being and we operate on a much higher vibrational level. Hopefully some of these conversations will help you to connect more to your own inner truth, raise your consciousness and notice the support of the universe which is available to all of us.
It is my experience that when we are disconnected from our true selves, we can never fully feel alive, authentic and live in the present moment.
Hopefully the conversations will help us to begin to surrender, trust and gain new insights and perspectives on our lives. It is a process and a unique journey for each of us, so my invitation to you is to get curious and open up to the possibility that you are being supported and guided every step of the way! I'm excited for the conversations that will take place on this platform and I welcome you along on the journey!
"The way out, is to go within".
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