0012 Musician Gareth Icke and writer Gareth Evans

Two creative entities on this podcast, firstly we've got the affable Gareth Icke - his music features on the podcast and it's great. I've watched his career blossom over the years through the social media web that we weave around ourselves. Since recording this interview he has said he's going to be entering the world of podcasting - excellent news. It'll be interesting to see how his political discussions develop but it'd be a crying shame if he neglected his music. Go see his website here: http://garethicke.com/

Also on the podcast we have Gareth Evans, his work "The Box Society" is interesting. We discuss his book and more widely we get into a conversation about the occult and mental health. If you like the sound of him why not go here and have a look: https://www.amazon.co.uk/BOX-SOCIETY-G-D-Evans/dp/1983007331

There follows an audio collage about Brexit, which sounds better than it looks when I write it out as a sentence.

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