0011 Speak to the moon ... a fiction writer special

This podcast sees debut interviews from two excellent guests. Firstly the writer of "Media Monster" OMJ Ryan joins us, his website is here: https://www.omjryan.com/

His book gets a good plug on the podcast and it's easily worth a few of your shekels. Both entertaining and interesting, I read the whole thing in about a week.

Also on the podcast we have another fiction writer, Summer Heacock. Her website is here - www.fizzygrrl.com - and her excellent twitter feed is here: https://twitter.com/Fizzygrrl

Then, towards the end of the podcast, where we traditionally go for a bit of a ramble I mention a bunch of stuff which originally I had loads more to say about... only to accidentally delete the audio I was working on. Hey ho.

The bare bones were -

Blair White says right wing YouTubers are faking resistance to their work:


And Grievance Studies lances the puss filled boil of left wing academia:


And the potted version of what I was going to say was; 'if you spend your time trying to shut people up you are generally helping their cause'. So, who needs a big long hour of audio to say that eh? We're fine. All bases covered. Some of them belong to us.