0018 RADIO SHOW | Various callers on #lockdown2

The internet's least sinister cult returns after a break from service, in which time the world appears to have gone completely mad.

This piece sees Nicholarse musing over the concept of a radio show in a time when the long predicted #CensorshipAgenda has finally come to pass. Media is, if anything, a performance art and it's in this vein that we (me and you) try to answer the question - what is going on?

The results are, in hindsight, predictable.

Here are links to the artists we mention:

Crednes Cod Peace is here: https://soundcloud.com/crednes-cod-peace

Mike Richmond: https://mikerichmond.bandcamp.com/

I'm interviewed at the end on the podcast of this guy here: https://twitter.com/theoztrucker

And my Twitter is here: https://twitter.com/NickMargerrison/status/1303424146546872320


Ol The Drummer, Jim on The Motorway (not the original one), Aluishious (again, not the original one).