Sam Conniff (Replay): How To Deal With Uncertainty

This is a replay episode. I have two very exciting guests for you today, the brilliant Sam Conniff and Katherine Templar Lewis, who are here to talk all about uncertainty, a theme that feels especially prominent right now. Life is uncertain and it feels so difficult to deal with. In this episode we are discussing their brand new project The Uncertainty Experts, a powerful three-part interactive documentary scientifically proven to reduce our fear of the unknown, reduce anxiety, increase empathy and improve decision-making and problem-solving. In our conversation we discuss all these things, how this new research is pushing the conversation on resilience forwards, practical tools to help us deal with uncertainty (in one of the most uncertain times in history) — I felt so energised after this conversation and I hope you do too. If you are intrigued to learn more, make sure to reserve your seats on the Uncertainty Experts website, you’ll join thousands virtually for an immersive experience, scientifically proven to reduce anxiety.

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