Genelle Aldred (Replay): How To Communicate Like a Pro

This episode was recorded in 2021. Genelle Aldred, newsreader, communication expert, and now author who has worked as a journalist at many of the UK largest broadcasting organisations for over a decade, including BBC, ITV and ITN. In this episode we discuss her debut book Communicate for Change: Creating Justice in a World of Bias unpicking some of its fascinating themes: how to make a positive difference, how to think for yourself, how to have better conversations and how to recognise our own biases and blind spots. This book encouraged me to ask better questions and question my own assumptions, breaking away from singular narratives and monolithic thinking. Hope you enjoy this conversation about how it’s OK to agree to disagree in conversation and how it’s important to not shy away from other peoples truth in order to see how other people around us think. Here is the episode with Genelle!

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