#368 Does Hybrid Working Help Or Hinder Our Health & Wellbeing?

*This is a SPONSORED episode with Vitality UK*

If you're interested in a discussion around health, future of work and hybrid working this is one for you.

Today I’m in conversation with Dr Katie Tryon, Behaviour Change Expert and Director of Health Strategy at the health insurer, Vitality UK. Prior to moving into various health roles and moving to Kenya, she trained as a medical doctor at Oxford University and Imperial College London. Katie is passionate about sustainability and longevity in healthcare around the world and she is always finding new ways to push this agenda forward through her work at Vitality.


Today we're talking about hybrid working over a year since the so-called Covid ‘Freedom Day’ - how are businesses actually contributing to the health and wellbeing of those that work for them? How has work changed, and how do we make it better? Vitality recently partnered with CBI Economics to survey 350 chief executives, combining this with insights from more than 2,000 workers across the UK - to reveal the priorities, perceptions and experiences of workplace health and wellbeing support in this new working world. We'll be discussing these findings and how we can actually create healthier boundaries at work and at home. If you are interested in reading more about the findings, you can head to the show-notes and follow the link. Hope you enjoy this episode! 

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