#31 (Part One) Cherry Healey Interviews Emma Gannon (Live Podcast At Waterstones)

Last night, Cherry Healey interviewed me for my first ever live podcast; she is someone who has inspired me over the years to be honest and brave through her work. I’ve been a huge fan of hers for a while, so it was really awesome that she said “yes!” to be involved. I love her adventurous nature in her experimental TV shows and the fact that she’s just written her own book Letters To My Fanny which touches on subjects such as feminism, her body, sex, periods, orgasms – all the good stuff. I absolutely loved doing this intimidate live recording, with around 20-ish brilliant creative women who came to watch and chat, and I came away feeling very inspired and very much in love with my job. I’m definitely going to do another one soon…. Keep your ears peeled for part two!