#81 Juno Dawson: The Gender Games

Juno Dawson is the multi award-winning author of ten books. In 2014 Juno became a School Role Model for the charity STONEWALL. In 2016, she authored the best-selling World Book Day title: SPOT THE DIFFERENCE. Her latest novel is the beautiful and emotive MARGOT & ME (which came out in January in 2017) and her memoir THE GENDER GAMES is out now. In 2015, Juno announced her intention to undergo gender transition and live as a woman. On the cover of The Gender Games it says "the problem with men and woman - from someone who has been both." This book isn't just about how the conversation around gender is screwing over trans people (which it certainly is), it's messing with everyone. Little girls who are told they can't be doctors, men who can't cry because they feel they shouldn't, exclusionist feminism and the alt-right. Juno is a regular contributor to Attitude Magazine, Glamour Magazine, The Guardian and has been on BBC Woman’s Hour, ITV News, This Morning and Newsnight concerning sexuality, identity and education.

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