#13 Amanda De Cadenet - On Using Your Voice & Supporting Young Girls Online

Amanda De Cadenet is a photographer, actress and talk show host (and a huge inspiration to me). We talk about the incentive behind Amanda’s popular interview series TheConversation (theconversation.tv) - she’s interviewed amazing women - from Gwyneth Paltrow to Sarah Silverman to Hillary Clinton. She has recently launched the #GirlGaze project looking for the next generation female photographers. The project is backed by Amanda, the editor of Teen Vogue, Sam Taylor Johnson and so many other cool women. Through the hashtag #GirlGaze work will be selected to appear in Teen Vogue as well as the GirlGaze zine and an exhibition showing the work. We discuss sexism, online porn, how to build a career in photography and how to support young girls online. Also how to juggle a busy life and accepting that nothing is ever perfect.

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