#62 Jess Phillips: On Speaking The Truth

My guest today is Jess Phillips a Labour Party politician who became the MP for the constituency of Birmingham Yardley in the 2015 general election. I don't quite where to start with Jess - she's an author, an equalities campaigner, a mum and a community activist --- and before being elected to Parliament, managed Women's Aid a charity supporting victims of domestic and sexual violence. She lives in Birmingham with her husband Tom and her 2 young sons. Jess has dedicated her career to improving the lives of some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in society. In her time at the charity the services she has created with her colleagues have supported thousands of women and children and the prevention programme she devised has been delivered to over 5000 people. Jess's book is out now: Everywoman: One Woman's Truth About Speaking the Truth. The Guardian says "joyfully candid and very funny." J.K Rowling says:"Jess Phillips is a heroine". The book talks about growing up, careers, equality, violence against women, sisterhood, elections, motherhood, the Internet and it's already a bestseller.