#42 Miranda Sawyer (Journalist & Music Critic): What's A Modern Midlife Crisis?

Miranda is a writer and broadcaster. She writes regularly for The Observer and The Mirror. Her first writing job was at Smash Hits, in 1988. Then Select magazine, where she won a PPA award for Writer of the Year. During the 90s, she had a column in Time Out and she wrote for The Face. She makes documentaries for Radio 4 and interview musicians and artists for The Culture Show. She wrote a book called Park and Ride, about Britain’s relationships with its suburbs and her most recent book is called Out Of Time which is a very modern look at the midlife crisis – delving into the truth, and lies, of the experience and how to survive it - and how a midlife crisis doesn’t necessarily mean running off with a Pilates teacher, or spending thousands on a trip to Bali to find yourself. I have had the pleasure of attending a Bug event in London hosted by Miranda and she is brilliant and funny and I loved recording this episode so much. We talk life, family, careers, money and what a quiet subtle midlife crisis looks like.

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