#66 Imrie Morgan: Building A Platform For Black British Millennials

Imrie Morgan is the Co-Founder and CEO of the ShoutOut Network and the Co-host of the Melanin Millennials podcast. This podcast is one of the first UK podcasts to be made by and for black British women - it’s been covered by places like The Debrief and Refinery 29 and is expanding into live events and sponsorship with big brands. All the podcasts on the Shout Out next work are hosted by people from underrepresented backgrounds - it now has 5 podcasts on the roster, covering pop-culture, history, books, comedy, philosophy, theatre, film and music and it’s growing. The books podcast is called Mostly Lit and was one of iTunes best podcasts of 2016. I really love and respect what Imrie is doing and wanted to talk to her about how she founded the network, the power of podcasting, the challenges along the way and why it’s so important to have a platform and a voice online.

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