#394 Donna Lancaster: Healing Ourselves & Post-Pandemic Grief

My guest today is Donna Lancaster and you are in for a treat. Donna’s work has been recommended to me by so many people, through work of mouth, she is incredible and has worked as a coach and therapist for more than 25 years. She was formerly the head of teaching at the Hoffman Institute UK and she might be perhaps most well known for co-creating The Bridge Retreat, a six-day personal development experience, if you are intrigued, you can check out her website for more information and also the Amazon Prime documentary called Love(d) which shares the stories of 12 people during The Bridge Retreat as they take the leap to overcome grief and loss in their lives: https://loveddocumentary.com

Donna's work has been featured everywhere from Psychologies, Conde Nast and Tatler. She has now released a book called The Bridge. A nine step crossing into authentic and wholehearted living. It’s full of wisdom and I absolutely loved it. I have a feeling you’re going to love this episode, we talk about grief, including post-pandemic grief in all its forms, and I felt very comforted in her presence. Enjoy!

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