#383 Jamie Klingler: Reclaim These Streets (Part 2)

Trigger warnings for this episode, we discuss Sarah Everard, violence against women, rape and sexual assault in this episode. If you are not in the mood to listen to these topics, please protect yourself and perhaps give this one a miss.

My guest today is Jamie Klingler, writer, activist, keynote speaker and campaigner for women’s safety as co-founder of Reclaim These Streets. This is part two of this full conversation with Jamie (part one available here). In this episode we are discussing her activist work, how Reclaim These Streets started, how to show up and make change and what we can do to help. The group began as a collective of women organising a vigil for Sarah Everard in March 2021, to raise awareness, make change and to stand up for all women who feel unsafe, have been lost to violence, who go missing from our streets and who face violence every day. They campaign, hold vigils, rally together volunteers and speak and act on women’s safety and even recently took on the Met police. They aim to use legislation, education and community action to ensure no woman has to be asked to 'text me when you get home' again. I will leave all the information in the shownotes below, and thanks again to Jamie for coming on the podcast to chat to me about her work.

Jamie Klingler: https://twitter.com/jamieklingler

Reclaim These Streets: https://reclaimthesestreets.com/

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