#382 Jamie Klingler: A Year of Intense Transformation (Part 1)

Hello and welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete! (Just a heads up in this one we talk about weight loss, alcohol dependency, mental health and big life changes.) My guest today is Jamie Klingler, born and raised in Philadelphia and has lived in London for almost twenty years working in publishing and events. She is a writer and speaker/campaigner for women’s safety. In December she was named #9 in the UK Communicators of 2021 by PR Week for her work with Reclaim These Streets. In this part one of the episode we discuss Jamie’s life transformation over the lockdown period where she gave up drinking and overhauled her life. In her words in the Guardian, she "gave up booze, took up running and found the strength and stamina to fight for a better future”. In part two of this episode we discuss her brilliant work as co-founder of Reclaim These Streets, a group formed to remember Sarah Everard and campaigns for women’s safety. I am fascinated by Jamie’s story and how she speaks so openly about how a big lifestyle change enabled her to do more work in a space she is passionate about. Hope you enjoy listening.

  • Reclaim These Streets: https://reclaimthesestreets.com
  • Jamie's YOU magazine article: https://www.you.co.uk/jamie-klingler-i-was-always-the-drunk-party-girl/
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