#353: Nova Reid: What Makes A Good Ally?

My guest today is Nova Reid, a Ted speaker, activist and author. Nova uses her past experience working in mental​ ​wellbeing to encourage meaningful change from the inside out in many areas of how we live our lives including anti-racism work. Her work is really powerful, energising and moving and I really admire and respect everything she creates. In this episode, we also discuss Nova’s new book The Good Ally: A Guided Anti-Racism Journey, an urgent call to arms to become better allies to each other. She provides such a thoughtful approach that centres around collective healing, encouraging all of us to embrace what makes us fully human and dig deep into self discovery.


If you only listen to one of my Ctrl Alt Delete episodes, please make it this one! We talk about fear, shame, joy, boundaries, rest, healing, anti-racism and how to connect more deeply with each other. We laugh and we also get emotional. I loved speaking to her and going deep into the conversation about being fully human and getting to spend time together in person to record. I hope you enjoy this episode with Nova and please find the link to her book. The Good Ally below!

Nova's book The Good Ally: https://uk.bookshop.org/a/153/9780008439484


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