#350 Meg Mason: The Sorrow & Bliss of Writing Novels

*FYI don't think there are spoilers, but if there are, it's in the second half of the interview.* My guest today is Meg Mason, author of several books including the recent instant Sunday Times bestseller Sorrow and Bliss. She began her career at the Financial Times and The Times of London and has been a regular columnist for GQ, ELLE and Vogue. I absolutely loved Sorrow & Bliss and reached out to Meg's team as soon as I finished reading it. The quote on the cover from Anne Patchett says: ‘'I was making a list of all the people I wanted to send it to, until I realised that I wanted to send it to everyone I know’ which is how I feel having gifted it to a few friends because I just want everyone to read it so I can talk more about it. It’s a Gen X coming of age, mental health love story that will rip you apart and piece you back together. This was a real treat getting to chat to Meg, I hope you enjoy this chat! xo

Order your copy of Sorrow & Bliss: https://uk.bookshop.org/a/153/9781474622974

Order your copy of OLIVE: https://uk.bookshop.org/a/153/9780008382735


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